Binmaley is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 76,214 people in 13,415 households.

Binmaley is located along the central coastland of Pangasinan facing the South China sea, in between Lingayen and Dagupan City. On January 8-9, 1945, the amphibious forces of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur used the town's beach, designated as "yellow beach", alongside the beaches of Lingayen, Dagupan, and San Fabian, in their landing operations to liberate Luzon from Japanese occupation during World War II.

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The town is famous for its bangus (milkfish) aqua-culture, due to the existence of its numerous fishponds (pokok in the Pangasinan language). However, because of constant siltation over the past several years from mine tailings upstream from Agno River (due to mine operations in neighboring Benguet Province), and the overuse of artificial fish feeds, the bangus industry has suffered from fishkill, fewer viable fishponds and lower harvests. As a result, many formerly productive fishponds have been converted into large commercial and residential lots. This phenomena is beginning to seriously threaten the unique Binmaley fishpond industry. Current Government action is inadequate due to strong pressures from other competing commercial interests, not to mention fishfeed producers.

Binmaley's town center has a beautiful Baroque cathedral dating back to the 17th century. It also became famous throughout the Philippines for the outstanding academic achievements of students (and its distinctive corps of military cadets) from its Binmaley Catholic High School, especially when it was headed by a German priest, Fr. Leo Behneke, in the 60s and 70s. Its name roughly means "the place which became a town" or "went to town" in the Pangasinan language.
Binmaley is politically subdivided into 33 barangays.
* Amancoro
* Balagan
* Balogo
* Basing
* Baybay Lopez
* Baybay Polong
* Biec
* Buenlag
* Calit
* Caloocan Dupo
* Caloocan Norte
* Caloocan Sur
* Camaley
* Canaoalan
* Dulag
* Gayaman
* Linoc
* Lomboy
* Nagpalangan
* Malindong
* Manat
* Naguilayan
* Pallas
* Papagueyan
* Parayao
* Poblacion
* Pototan
* Sabangan
* Salapingao
* San Isidro Norte
* San Isidro Sur
* Santa Rosa
* Tombor

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Major Industries in Binmaley Pangasinan

There are several large industrial establishments in the municipality includes the Lime Production located at Barangay Gayaman and Noodles Factory at Barangay Sta. Rosa.

Small-scale industries such as Ceramics and Pottery at Barangays Pallas and Parayao, Bagoong Making situated at Caloocan Sur and Naguilayan, Rubber in Pallas and Parayao and also the Furniture Making and Shop predominantly at Barangay Malindong, Biec and Nagupliayan.

Business According to their Location

Table 1. Business located in the jurisdiction of Binmaley Pangasinan 2010
Business Name
Baybay Lopez
Flexigo Corporation
Ligaya Conce/Web Design
Optimal Web Performance Inc.
LIgaya Conce/Web Design
General Merchandise
Teresita T. Mejia
Beauty Parlor
Perla A. Torio
Beach Resort
Jose A. Torio
Baybay Polong
Furniture Shop
Adora F. Velasco
Furniture Shop
Bernabe Abad
Furniture Shop
Analyn Ulamday
Marlyn G. Abalos
Agriculture Supply
Elvira B. Aquino
Construction Supply
Jesus A. Aquino
Gasoline Station
Marietta S. Lomibao
Gina Lacaste Ignacio
Engr. Liezel D. Domalanta
Arwin Joel Laguit
Motor & Bycles Spare Parts
Miriam Ynson
Purified Drinking Water
Zenaida T. Bautista
Sound System
Corazon Austria
Gasoline Station (Caltex)
Dennis V. Lomibao
Rolando R. Perez
Rogelio Catalan
Bakery Products Trading
Jose Ramon Pancito
Catering Services
Ma. Rowena T. Agustin
Burgos Street
Jil Comp. Enterprises
Jennifer G. Rosario
PC Smart Internet Café
Gerry Taron Miserable
Computer Services
Najan Czerona Tambot
Computer Services
Gerry Taron Miserable
Gift Shop
Martiwa S. Nowa
Food Processing
Cesar Chan
Charcoal Dealer
Luis V. Martin
Caloocan Sur
Ruby B. Difuntorum
School & Office Supplies
Lydia M. Delos Reyes
Barber Shop
Reynaldo Abalos
Catering Service
Felisa Quebral
Seafood Dealer
Donna Santos
Agri Supply & Rice Retailer
Arnold Zarate
Rice Mill
Josi Cagaoan
Rice & Corn Retailer
Jackie Lou M. Velasco
Lourdes R. Ortega
General Merchandise
Elvin C. Bautista
General Merchandise
Jimmy Gapuz
Agri. Supplies
Eduardo Velasco
Construction Supply
Virgilio Songcuan
Medicine Supplies
Marites S. Velasco
Water Refilling Station
Rodolfo Quinto
Water Refilling Station
Lorna Quinto
Jill Comp
Jill Comp
Trading/ Office Equipment Supplies
Marites S. Velasco
Trucking Services
Andrea Datario Bautista
Nida F. Orina
Marites G. Jimenez
Sylvia Carcino
Nancy Suratos
Florida Ignacio
General Merchandise
Felomina De Leon
Purifier & Water Refilling Station
Pedro Fernandez Melchor
Trading & Gasoline Station
Pedro Fernandez Melchor
Rolling Stone
Edison M. Siapno
Luna Street
General Merchandise
Angelita Z. Padua
MotorParts & Xerox Copy
Romel B. Garcia
Mabini Street
El Clique Internet Café
Liza F. Columbres
Internet Cafe
Lisa F. Columbres
Video Game (Amusement)
Rose Ann F. Salvador
General Merchandise
Milagros Sison
General Merchandise
Merlo M. Cuison
Private Cemetery
Crispina S. Fabia
Magic Club Binmaley
Pictures & Print Shop
Kristy Ann Bautista De Vera
Print Shop
Kristy Ann Bautista De Vera
JCHC Health Shop
John Carlo Herrero Serafin
Cindys Bakery/ Magic
Margas Rodigo Tanguia

Magic Store

Cindy's Bakery
Mary Ann Rodrigo Tanguio
St. Joseph Drugstore
Joleco Resource Inc.
Online Ka Dito Computer Center
Ariel R. Vinluan
Furniture Shop
Eva R. Pedro
Furniture Shop
Consuelo Salinas
Furniture Shop
Ric Valle
Furniture Shop
Juanito Salazar
Furniture Shop
Lilia B. Ramirez
Furniture Shop
Flordeliza Garcia
Furniture Shop
Elvira M. Joven
Furniture Shop
Corazon Vinluan
Furniture Shop
Minda O. Romero
Furniture Shop
Alecia Alejo
Furniture Shop
Patricio L. Vinluan
Furniture Shop
Roberto Jovena
Furniture Shop
Mila V. Olegario
Furniture Shop
Felisa Reyes Galeno
Furniture Shop
Josephine Perez
Furniture Shop
Bunniy Juren
Furniture Shop
Mario Abara Clemente
Furniture Shop
Filipina V. Correa
Furniture Shop
Cesar Vinluan
Furniture Shop
Analyn V. Pedro
Nenalyn A. Merrena
Lanscaping & Merchandise
Joselito Domalanta
Photo Supply & Toy Balloons
Roberto De Guzman
Water Refilling Station
Marites V. Mendoza
Gasoline Station
Renato Rosario Ferrer
Catering Services
Lina Mendoza Valle
Bonifacio V. Tiangson
Agriculture Supply
Marlyn Pandela
Water Refilling Station
Gloria F. Perion
Jaerile F. Perion
Real Estate Lessor
Engr. Guillermo S. Ferrer Jr.
A/C Repair & Maintenance
Jovito J. Ferrer
Auto Repair Shop
Pedro Vallo
McKinley Street
Prints & Computer Center
Jacquiline Bonifacio
Furniture Shop
Norma Del Castillo
Prints & Computer Center
Jaquiline B. Bautista
Furniture Shop
Orlando Ferrer
Furniture Shop
Natividad Manaois
Construction Supply
Janette L. Mejia
Water Refilling Station
Mari Liza P. Ferrer
Purified Water Refilling Station
Maricris S. Sajonas
Barber Shop
Maria Vinluan
Gas Station
Rodolfo C. Tandoc
Motor Parts & Accessories
Maricris S. Sajonas
Rural Banking
Bani Rural Bank Inc.
Funeral Parlor
Rosalia M. Bonifacio
Dagupeňa Boneless Bangus
Anthony Castro
Trading & Construction Supply
Anna Liezel B. Abagat
Romeo M. Bonifacio Jr.
Motor Shop
Marites Ynson Fabia
Furniture Shop
Dino Agulan
Jovito C. Cerezo
Silverios Restaurant
Angelita Coquia
St. Lucys (Eye Center)
Santiago G. Urmaza Jr, MD.
Dried Fish/Salted Fish/Egg Vendor
Crisanto Agustin
Building Maintenance
Alfredo Cayado`
Bagoong Dealer
Amelito A. Sison
Printing Press
Rolando P. Polaydan
Rice Mill
Arnel Bernardo
Agri. Supply
Younne R. Soriano
Medical Clinic
Dr. Jose Z. Carrera Jr.
Sub- Construction
Romeo C. Vallo
Perez Blvd, Binmaley
Tailoring Gown
Elpidio Tipay
Plaza Rizal Street
Construction Supply
Valeria Flores
Paint Center
Valeria Flores
Recruitment Agency
Alfredo D. Palmier
Financing & Lending
Imelda C. Vialu
Photo Service
Danilo N. De Guzman
Construction Supply
Rita Sandoval
Water Refilling Station
Gerald G. Delos Angeles
Medical Clinic
Dr. Juancho G. Mamaradlo
Cherry Marie Fernandez Ferrer
Beauty Parlor
Ruby D. Sison
Code Shop Computer Workstation
Randy Joy Ventayen
Medical Clinic
Dr. Lorelei Coquia
Parnell Sisin Manleva
Real Estate Lessor
Ma. Magdalena S. Padilla
Real Estate Lessor
Anecita Mananquil
Magic Appliance Center, Inc.
Nestor Zabala
Mang Inasal
Brian Lim
Amusement Center
Gerald Sam Del Rosario
Public Market
Click 968 Internet Shop
Terence Terrado
Computer Rentals
Marife Eng
Agricultural/Rice Retailer
Gerry B. Domes
General Merchandise
Restilo Zarate
General Merchandise
Antinieto Calitis
General Merchandise
Antowia Gonzalo
Patricio N. Estrada Sr.
Gerardo Abesamis
Dominifi C. Chua
Rural Banking (Pang. Bank, Inc.)
Pangasinan Bank Inc.
Beauty Salon
Marizel Zarate
Baldueza Enterprise
Ma. Cecilia Baldueza
Fish & Sugpo Deale
Evelyn Castro
Natividad Benitez
San Isidro Norte
General Merchandise
Jo B. Delos Santos
Barber Shop
Angelito Benson
Fitness Gym
Emilio Bautista
Catering Services
Fructouso Bravo Jr.
Tutorial Center
Judith P. Alvarez
Tilapia Hatchery
Linda De Leon
San Isidro Sur
General Merchandise
Violeta Bautista
Medical Supply
Eusebio V. Gonzalo Jr.
Gas Station
Dennis V. Lomibao
Computer Rentals
Rowena Velasco
Exquiel B. Santos
Sta. Rosa
Office & School Supplies
Bernie M. Tadeo
Birthing Home Clinic
Mercy V. Bautista

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Movie presentation presenting the beauty of Binmaley Pangasinan. Some picture and videos of Binmaley landscapes, sceneries and beaches are included. Binmaley Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pangasinan, It provides beautiful seascapes perfect for its blue- sky. The ultra-fine black sand and crystal blue waters, makes it an easy favorite among tourists. If you are looking for some watersports, you don’t have to go to Bora to experience kayaks, surfing and jet- skiing. You can try that here in Binmaley at JT Beach Resorts.

In this video you will see the Religious Practices of Binmalenian and their love to their own town. Binmaley Town fiesta 2010 parade participated by different sectors in binmaley like PNP; Teachers and Students from different schools in Binmaley, Federation of Senior Citizens Association, athletes of Binmaley and Ms. Binmaley 2010 candidates and winners are also included. Jollibee and friends also attended in Binmaley fiesta. Watch the video above to see more tourist spots of Binmaley Pangasinan. Sound tracks used in the video are: main title, misil tema, bijae, and dorijan (music used in Korean Drama “ Queen Seon Duk”. - ijudy17

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