Binmaley is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 76,214 people in 13,415 households.

Binmaley is located along the central coastland of Pangasinan facing the South China sea, in between Lingayen and Dagupan City. On January 8-9, 1945, the amphibious forces of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur used the town's beach, designated as "yellow beach", alongside the beaches of Lingayen, Dagupan, and San Fabian, in their landing operations to liberate Luzon from Japanese occupation during World War II.

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The town is famous for its bangus (milkfish) aqua-culture, due to the existence of its numerous fishponds (pokok in the Pangasinan language). However, because of constant siltation over the past several years from mine tailings upstream from Agno River (due to mine operations in neighboring Benguet Province), and the overuse of artificial fish feeds, the bangus industry has suffered from fishkill, fewer viable fishponds and lower harvests. As a result, many formerly productive fishponds have been converted into large commercial and residential lots. This phenomena is beginning to seriously threaten the unique Binmaley fishpond industry. Current Government action is inadequate due to strong pressures from other competing commercial interests, not to mention fishfeed producers.

Binmaley's town center has a beautiful Baroque cathedral dating back to the 17th century. It also became famous throughout the Philippines for the outstanding academic achievements of students (and its distinctive corps of military cadets) from its Binmaley Catholic High School, especially when it was headed by a German priest, Fr. Leo Behneke, in the 60s and 70s. Its name roughly means "the place which became a town" or "went to town" in the Pangasinan language.
Binmaley is politically subdivided into 33 barangays.
* Amancoro
* Balagan
* Balogo
* Basing
* Baybay Lopez
* Baybay Polong
* Biec
* Buenlag
* Calit
* Caloocan Dupo
* Caloocan Norte
* Caloocan Sur
* Camaley
* Canaoalan
* Dulag
* Gayaman
* Linoc
* Lomboy
* Nagpalangan
* Malindong
* Manat
* Naguilayan
* Pallas
* Papagueyan
* Parayao
* Poblacion
* Pototan
* Sabangan
* Salapingao
* San Isidro Norte
* San Isidro Sur
* Santa Rosa
* Tombor

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Tourist Attraction

Binmaley Catholic Church (Our Lady of Purification Parish Church)

The Our Lady of the Purification Parish Church is the shrine of the miraculous Patroness of the municipality.

Binmaley's Town Hall Today!

Binmaley Presidencia “The beautiful Presidencia” from the ground floor all the way upstairs, was air-conditioned. Have a large, longish, back-to-back, wooden sofa for the people who are waiting for their papers to be processed. Binmaley Presidencia was developed by Mayor Sammy Rosario under his administrations.

Mary Help of Christians Seminary

Mary Help of Christians Minor Seminary, established in the late 1920's is the only remaining minor seminary in the province.

JP Rizal Park

“Our national hero” Jose Rizal statue was standing straight beside Binmaley Municipal Hall.

People’s Park

The Binmaley People's Park has been completed and was inaugurated by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Feb. 2, 2005.It's a world class park according to those who have seen it.

Binmaley Museum/Cafe Binmaleña

Situated along Poblacion highway beside the Binmaley townhall and overlooking the Binmaley Catholic Church is an old-fashioned museum that houses Cafe Binmaleña. Cafe Binmaleña was established on March 1, 2009 by former councilor Mr. Salvador Bautista. The ambiance is very comfortable, with dark wood furniture and lots of framed pictures on the walls that showcase the rich culture of Binmaley.

The Binmaley museum serves as a holding area for the town’s guests. Former President Joseph Estrada, President Noynoy Aquino, Ms. Kris Aquino and actor Rez Cortez are just a few of the prominent people who have stayed at the cafe during their visit to Binmaley. The museum is air conditioned so it’s actually a good place to hang out while you immerse yourself in Binmaley’s coffee and culture.

Cafe Binmaleña serves hot and cold coffee-based beverages. They also have their own signature blend named after the coffee shop espresso drinks, they have espresso Americano, Binmaleña cappuccino, Binmaleña flavoured cafe creme, Binmaleña cafe latte, Binmaleña cafe mocha, Binmaleña white mocha. Their cold drinks are iced coffee, creamy iced coffee, amaretto iced coffee, cookies and cream iced cappuccino and iced mocha blend. They also serve pastries and savouries. Their apple-cinnamon cupcakes are very delicious.

Cafe Binmaleña provides the coffee, culture and WIFI! So if you ever get to visit Binmaley, stop by Cafe Binmaleña. - ijudy17
Tourist accommodations

Resorts and Hotel in Binmaley Pangasinan

JT Beach Resort

Looking for Best Resort and Hotels here in Binmaley, Stop at JT Beach Resorts located in Barangay Baybay Lopez, Binmaley, Pangasinan. They have simple but elegance room’s perfect place for you to relax. The place has beautiful landscapes and their rooms and cottages are at a reasonable price. They also offerings kayaking, kneeboarding, body surfing, wind-surfing and jet-skiing. They are serving Filipino Food like Chopsuey, fried chicken, kaldereta, kare-kare and sea foods like hipon, Malaga, lapu-lapu and more.

For inquiry and reservations you can call them at: +6375-543-6952



Manufactured/Processed Products

1. Fish/Paste Sauce Manufacturing

- Bagoong Making in Binmaley is situated at Caloocan Sur and Naguilayan.

2. Noodles Manufacturing

-Noodles Factory at Barangay Sta. Rosa.

3. Deboned /Processed Bangus

-Boneless and processed Bangus can be sold in Binmaley market. You can buy processed bangus like smoked bangus and deboned bangus which is already marinated with salt and vinegar or you can buy fresh bangus and let the vendor split and debone it for you.

4. Bricks, Clay tiles & Pottery

-Ceramics and Pottery making at Barangays Pallas and Parayao.

5. Carved Wooden Furniture

-Furniture Making and Shop predominantly at Barangay Malindong, Biec and Nagupliayan

Movie presentation presenting the beauty of Binmaley Pangasinan. Some picture and videos of Binmaley landscapes, sceneries and beaches are included. Binmaley Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pangasinan, It provides beautiful seascapes perfect for its blue- sky. The ultra-fine black sand and crystal blue waters, makes it an easy favorite among tourists. If you are looking for some watersports, you don’t have to go to Bora to experience kayaks, surfing and jet- skiing. You can try that here in Binmaley at JT Beach Resorts.

In this video you will see the Religious Practices of Binmalenian and their love to their own town. Binmaley Town fiesta 2010 parade participated by different sectors in binmaley like PNP; Teachers and Students from different schools in Binmaley, Federation of Senior Citizens Association, athletes of Binmaley and Ms. Binmaley 2010 candidates and winners are also included. Jollibee and friends also attended in Binmaley fiesta. Watch the video above to see more tourist spots of Binmaley Pangasinan. Sound tracks used in the video are: main title, misil tema, bijae, and dorijan (music used in Korean Drama “ Queen Seon Duk”.